Start Saving On Your Energy Bill!

5 Ways To Conserve Energy In The Summer

As summer begins to sneak up on us, you might be asking yourself, how can I conserve energy during these summer months? We have compiled a list of a few simple ways to help green-minded homeowners, like you, conserve energy and help save a few dollars along the way!


1. Change your furnace filter regularly 

Been a while since you have checked your furnace filter? Let’s fix that! If you don't regularly change your furnace or A/C filter, you could be losing more than air quality. The more clogged the filter gets, the harder the HVAC system has to work to push air through your home, the more electricity the blower uses. Talk about a money guzzler! We recommend changing the filter at least every 90 days to keep costs down.


2. Consider using solar power

Solar power is a wonderful option if you are looking to save on your monthly power bill. Since solar power is generated from the sun, it’s no surprise that summer is the perfect time to switch to solar! A home that produces its own energy is able to stay cool all season long without hiked electricity bills. If you live in climates that are warm year-round, such as Nevada or California, solar power would provide you with benefits of high savings on a monthly basis. Flex Energy is a leading provider of solar power in these areas. Contact us to learn more about saving on your bills!


3. Close your blinds

During the hot summer months, a big help in saving electricity on cooling your home is by closing your blinds. Sunshine might be what is creating excessive heat in your home by shining through your windows. This fix is simple enough though! Just pull down the blinds or close your curtains. With less heat being created in your home, your A/C unit will have to run less, thus, saving you money!


4. Turn off lights and appliances

It’s a no-brainer, right? Well, maybe not for everyone. Once you start making an effort to turn off lights in rooms unoccupied or the TV when no one is watching, you might be surprised on how often you used to let that slide! When you are more conscious about making sure appliances are shut down and turning off unnecessary lighting, you’re releasing less heat into the room which can save on cooling!


5. Clean your dryer’s lint trap

Friendly reminder to make sure you are cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap before every load of laundry! Doing this simple task can improve your machine's efficiency by 75% and, in return, help save energy.